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"I've tried several different whitening systems that I purchased online and from [retail store]. The 22% whitening kit I received from Oral Spa worked better than any of the oth..."
Los Angeles, California


"I feel like I have gained self confidence after using Oral Spa's whitening kit. My teeth were stained from earlier years of smoking and I was somewhat embarrassed to smile in f..."
Houston, Texas


I smoked for quite a few years. After I quit, I wanted to whiten my teeth. My dentist quoted over $800. Your Spa teeth whitening system worked great and cost much less, I appreciate not having to spend a fortune.
Calgary, AB

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welcome to oralspa teeth whitening

At Oral Spa, your can feel relax and get excellent service, we know that going to the dentist can be expensive and scary for some people, so we have include friendly and attentive stuff to cater to your needs once you step into Oral Spa. We do our best to make sure your experience is fun, enjoyable and pain-free and the results are immediate.

  • We are train to give our client the utmost result for the most affordable price on the market.
  • We can give your teeth a complete makeover.
  • Making you feel beautiful is our mission.
  • We want you to walk out the door looking and feeling fantastic.